About Us

The Granny B's Story …

Granny B's Cookie Mix Company was born by accident. It was suggested by a friend that I bag my sugar cookie recipe for everyone to enjoy. I didn't think much about it at first – but as I explored the possibilities – it really sparked my imagination.

I come from a long line of very good bakers and cooks … the old-fashioned kind that refused to cut corners and used only the best ingredients to make a great finished product. At family affairs, it was almost a contest to see who could make the best goodies. Of course, I always thought my Mom's and Grandma's were the best. My mother baked many varieties of cookies and bars at Christmas and throughout the year. She shared them with neighbors and friends – and as you can imagine – they all looked forward to getting them. She considered it to be an act of "sharing the love."

Mom was famous in our family for her sugar cookies – so that is the first recipe I put in a paper bag. Since then, I have added CHO-CO-LOTTA-CHIP, SIN-A-DOODLE, OATSIE CHO-CO-CHIP, and MONKEY BUSINESS – which is my delicious banana bread mix. These are family recipes that include all but two or three ingredients – in a bag so others may enjoy with very little time and effort. You simply add butter and water to all the cookie recipes except "HEY SUGAR" – which calls for a little oil in addition to the butter and water. The banana bread calls for bananas in addition to butter and water.

You can have my homemade goodness from a paper bag with minimal effort and ingredients. My grandmother's last name was Brooks, my mother's name was Bernice and my name is Barb – so it was just a natural thing to call it Granny B's since it is a collaboration of all three of us that made this company possible. My husband and I work early mornings, after hours, and weekends in the kitchen. He always comments that I am the brains and he is the brawn. Each bag is made individually in our licensed kitchen – with a touch of love as a major ingredient in each bag. It makes me happy to be passing it on!